Immersive Board & Train

The Immersive Board and Train program is the most popular and recommended program offered by Palm Beach Dog Academy. This immersive experience allows for the highest level of engagement between our master trainer and your dog, bringing the best results we can offer.

Jeff’s Immersive training is a three week program in which your dog is spending their days in a fun, educational environment where they are learning the commands that they need to know. They are then reinforced throughout the program. When you pick up your pet, you will need to reinforce and utilize those commands through the course of daily life. With only 10-15 minutes a day, your pet will maintain their good behavior indefinitely.

Our objective for this program is to build a harmonious relationship between dogs and their humans through obedience training and confidence building.

Create a Foundation of Language

One of the most common things that we see is that there is a fundamental communication breakdown between the pet and the owner. There is a yin and yang to this relationship, the yin is how well the dog understands what you’re asking and the yang is how well you reinforce what you’re trying to communicate. The first steps in the program is to create a common language to communicate clearly what you want for your dog. Once that language is taught, it becomes fair to reinforce the command based on their behavior.

Building Block Approach

Through our Immersive Board & Train program, we will be able to create a foundation of language so that your pet understands your needs and you can communicate effectively to solve problems that you encounter in your daily lives together.

  • 1. Language – Establish clear lines of communication
  • 2. Reinforce/Repeat – A dog cannot be more consistent than their owner
  • 3. Fun – Learns to love life
  • 4. Distractions – Learn to listen in different distracting situations
  • 5. Advanced

Signs of lack of confidence:

Gentle Leadership, not dominance. Jeff’s program emphasizes clear guidance. Through this approach he can overcome any type of problem behavior. Many undesirable behavior patterns stem from a lack of confidence.

  • 1. Aggression
  • 2. Anxiety
  • 3. Confusion
  • 4. Chewing
  • 5. Crying/whimpering

Why does training help with these behaviors?

Training helps because the dog will now know how to please you. They are given a purpose and a mission to fulfill. A trained dog’s world is filled with praise and success. An untrained dog is constantly being scolded. A dog can sense how you feel. As a dog owner, if you are frustrated or unhappy with your dog, the dog will feel your anxiety in your voice and face, body language and will in turn behave accordingly. Training your pet and setting this foundation of language, gives them the opportunity to know how to please you and earn your praise.

Training gives your dog purpose, which touches on one of their most basic instincts. “Attention earned is more valuable than attention for free or demanded.” – Jeff

Your dog can achieve a level of obedience you didn’t think was possible. We guarantee it!

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Your dog can achieve a level of obedience you didn’t think was possible. We guarantee it for life!

Our training programs utilize proven techniques with guaranteed results. We stand by our training process and offer free lifetime refresher courses should you ever need it.