Private Dog Training Lessons

Private Lessons

Palm Beach Dog Academy offers private lessons for your pet. Training is critical in that it sets important boundaries with your dog and allows you and your dog to embrace the world in a safe way. One of the most common things that we see is that there is a fundamental communication breakdown between the pet and the owner. Through our private lessons, Jeff will help you to create a common language between you and your pet. Through our program, we will be able to create a foundation of language so that your pet understands your needs and you can communicate effectively to solve problems that you encounter in your daily lives together.

Our Private Lessons will help you accomplish the following:


Being able to keep your pet from harm’s way is one of the most critical reasons to teach them on leash training. Whether you are walking down a busy street or come across a dangerous item, having your pet understand your signals will keep them safe.


Building trust between you and your dog is essential. Through our lessons, you will bond with your dog and they will learn that you keep them safe in the world.


Your dog will quickly learn that there are limits to their behavior. It is important for them to understand that you are going to communicate boundaries to them so that they will follow your lead.


By forming a common language, you are given the ability to communicate needs and boundaries to your pet. Your dog will learn how different actions you take will signal certain expectations.

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Our training programs utilize proven techniques with guaranteed results. We stand by our training process and offer free lifetime refresher courses should you ever need it.